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Vaginal dryness, burning and pain are common, especially after menopause. These symptoms can interfere with everything from daily comfort to self-confidence and sexual pleasure. Dr. Regina L. Edmond is pleased to offer MonaLisa Touch® , a minimally invasive way to reduce these symptoms, leading to improved overall life quality, for women in West Hollywood, California and the greater Los Angeles area.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch uses targeted laser energy to restore the function and rejuvenate the state of your vaginal region. The minimally invasive procedure helps ease common vaginal discomfort, providing a less risky alternative to treatments such as estrogen therapy and surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

What does it treat?

MonaLisa Touch therapy can help minimize symptoms of vaginal atrophy, a common condition that causes fragility, dryness, itching, and pain, including sexual pain in women before and after menopause. It can also help reduce symptoms of urinary incontinence, which can occur before menopause or after childbirth.

How does it work?

The targeted laser energy provided by MonaLisa Touch restores and rejuvenates the mucosa in the vaginal lining, leading to improved functionality over time.

Is it painful?

MonaLisa Touch therapy is a gentle procedure that does not require anesthesia or bring risks associated with surgery. The procedure itself is not painful, but you may experience slight discomfort in the treatment area for a few days afterward. Many people are able to return to their usual daily activities within 3 days.

What makes a good candidate?

MonaLisa Touch is ideal for individuals seeking minimally invasive treatment for age- or menopause- related vaginal atrophy compared to medications and surgery. While it can help most anyone experiencing symptoms, Dr. Edmond can help determine if it’s the best treatment for you.

Can it help tighten the vagina?

If you wish to tighten a “loose vagina,” also known as vaginal laxity, it’s important to see your doctor to rule out factors such as prolapse. MonaLisa Touch can help treat vaginal laxity caused by loss of mucosal tone.

When will I notice results?

After your treatment, some results will appear immediately. As the regeneration process continues, results will increase for an additional 40-60 days.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of needed treatments varies, depending on the severity of your symptoms and how well your body responds to the initial session. Typically, 1-3 sessions are recommended, followed by a maintenance treatment once per year.

When can I resume sexual activity?

In general, people can resume regular sexual intercourse 3-4 days after your treatment. Dr. Edmond will go over specific aftercare instructions with you at your session.


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