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If you’ve found your attempts to become pregnant have been failing month after month, don’t get discouraged. Dr. Regina L. Edmond, a highly trained gynecologist and obstetrician, can help you find answers and develop a path forward in your journey to motherhood. A variety of factors can affect fertility in women and, through testing and evaluation, Dr. Edmond can help diagnose the source of the issue and develop an effective treatment plan.

Infertility Q & A

When should I seek help with infertility?

You've tried and tried, but month after month goes by without any signs of conception. It's not an easy thing to accept that you or your partner may be infertile, but rather than continue experiencing anxiety and frustration, perhaps it's time for both of you to participate in a thorough fertility workup.

First, Dr. Edmond may order a few tests and an evaluation. The tests that Dr. Edmond will perform are designed to access each part of the reproductive process. The results will identify factors that may be contributing to your unsuccessful attempts to conceive.

Since it has been found that approximately 50% of infertility problems are related to the male, a semen analysis is part of Dr. Edmond's initial workup. If the male sperm is adequate and viable, Dr. Edmond will then conduct several tests on you, which will include evaluating your hormone levels and ovulation cycle. Also, depending on the results of your tests, she may refer you to an infertility specialist for further testing and procedures.

What procedures does Dr. Edmond perform?

Depending on the results of you and your partner’s evaluation, she may perform:

  • A hysterosalpingogram to identify any obstructions in your fallopian tubes or abnormalities of the uterus.
  • Laparoscopy to reveal endometriosis, pelvic adhesions, uterine fibroids, or tubal disease. In some instances, any problems that are detected can be immediately repaired during this procedure.
  • Ultrasound to visualize follicular development, examine internal organs, and measure the endometrium.
  • Minor surgery to correct the condition

What if there are no major issues with my fertility?

If Dr. Edmond does not detect any major problems, she may offer suggestions related to sexual practices between you and your partner to help you achieve the highest chances for conception. You will always receive detailed answers to your questions, and Dr. Edmond will respect your feelings and honor your privacy at all times.

For an infertility testing appointment, call or schedule an appointment online with Dr. Edmond.


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